Learning Enrichment Partnership

Denton Community College – LEP

The Learning Enrichment Partnership (LEP) is designed to provide an outstanding learning experience tailored to the needs of our Primary schools. Support and guidance is given through a sporting and cross curricular context. All the specific areas of the partnership are made bespoke to the needs of the school and its students.

Curriculum & Teacher CPD

All aspects of the PE primary curriculum delivered give children a broad, high quality PE experience. CPD sessions delivered alongside the class teacher are a key aim of the Learning Enrichment Partnership in maintaining sustainability within PE across the school.  The aim of this is to develop the confidence, knowledge and understanding of the class teacher in how to deliver high quality sport and physical activity in a safe environment. This is quality assured with both Denton Community College PE staff and the PE subject lead in the primary school.

Sporting festivals for partner Primary Schools

Sporting festivals at Denton Community College run half termly and run alongside the Tameside School Sport Partnership. This supports partner’s work towards the School Games Kitemarks. Delivery of whole school sports day for both KS1 and KS2 is organised so that all the activities are delivered by the Denton Community College leadership academy. The leaders interact with the students, staff and parents of the school developing community cohesion between the partners.

PE and cross curricular learning days at Denton Community College

Event days are an outstanding opportunity for children from LEP partners to engage with the college and the facilities. We run 6 event days throughout the year engaging all year groups from KS1, year 4 and 5 days, girls specific participation and healthy lifestyles within PE. The students engage in a variety of workshops, depending on the theme, and work alongside DCC staff, students and outside agencies such as the NHS. Alongside the PE and health days there are cross curricular initiative days whereby children work with various subject areas such as Maths (‘Ready Salted’ Day) and Science (‘Take Flight’ Day).

If your primary school is interested in becoming a LEP partner please contact Rachel Ward for more information, r.ward@dentoncommunitycollege.org.uk