Our Culture

Ours is a friendly and self-disciplined community. The quality of relationships between staff, students and parents or carers is distinctive, as is the strong sense of loyalty amongst staff. We value self-discipline in our students and actively promote this in everything we do.


We are fully committed to providing teaching and support staff who will always put your child first; we believe each student should be given every opportunity to achieve their maximum potential whether they are gifted and talented, or require additional support. We involve parents and families as much as possible and feel it’s important that they play an active part in their children’s learning.

Core values

Our core values help to prepare our students to meet the challenges of being lifelong learners, leaders and good citizens who are actively concerned about others, are able to form good relationships based upon trust and respect, have a strong set of values, have a positive self-image, are able to make wise choices and lead a healthy life. We believe this is the best preparation to enable our students to develop into responsible adults.








One of the most important benefits of our College is that, as part of our general culture, we ensure that every learner becomes part of our College community from day one. We have always understood the importance of inclusion amongst young people who are learning to live in a complicated world, and we work hard to ensure they feel the importance of inclusion. This helps them look forward to the future with confidence.