Dance is a creative, physical subject where students have the unique opportunity to express themselves through movement. DCC has outstanding facilities for Performing Arts and these include two fully equipped dance studios with mirrors, dance floors, integral music system and interactive white boards.

Throughout Key Stage 3, Dance is part of the PE National Curriculum. At DCC Year 7 and 8 students have one lesson per week taught by a specialist Dance teacher. They can then specialise in Dance in Year 9 and take GCSE.  In lessons, students develop their choreography, performance and analysis skills by studying a variety of topics including cross-curricular activities and professional dance works.

In Dance students can develop the transferable skills of communication, teamwork, confidence and creativity. Students are offered a huge amount of extra-curricular activities at DCC, including clubs and workshops at lunchtimes and after school. All extra-curricular activities work towards enriching and developing students’ technique and performance skills and lots of the work created is performed in the annual dance show.


In Year 7, students’ have the opportunity to explore a variety of dance styles including street, contemporary and Lindy Hop dance. Students’ develop both their choreography and performance skills throughout the year. They learn basic choreographic skills looking at how to develop and change motifs to create dances and begin to rehearse and refine their performance skills by considering what skills are required to make a good performance.

In Year 8, students continue to develop their choreography and performance skills through a variety of styles and topics including street dance and various contemporary pieces. Throughout the academic year students are regularly required to observe and evaluate their own work and that of their peers considering strengths, weaknesses and targets for improvement in order to improve their work. In Year 9, students opt for Dance GCSE.

At KS4, students have the opportunity to study Dance to GCSE level. The AQA course is 80% practical and 20% theory some of which is coursework based.

Students are required to perform (30%) and produce a choreography (30%) both of which assess the student’s’ technical ability and performance skills.

The choreography can be a group or solo piece, the performance is set out as 2 set phrases, and a group piece in the form of a duet or trio.

Students have two practical lessons a week and one theory lesson. In the theory lessons all students work towards the written paper (40%) studying the health and safety aspects of dance, how to improve performance and choreography and motif and development. Students also study at least two professional dance works and analyse the costumes, set, lighting, stimuli and movement material of those works in preparation for their GCSE written paper.

Dance Teacher – Patoral SLT – Mrs Claire Evans

Dance Teacher – Mrs Lucy McGuinness

Dance Teacher – Miss Rachel Moran