We have Specialist status in Sport and Performing Arts. Both these subjects have a major role to play both in the College and in the community. All our other subjects are equally important to us and our Specialisms enhance learning in all other areas studied across the College.

Sport represents discipline, the Arts encourage creativity. Putting the two together is a major factor in helping young people to develop those very important personal skills: confidence, self respect, self awareness, personal esteem, self-reliance, teamwork and adaptability – skills that will stand our young people in good stead throughout their lives.

Sport as a subject introduces many things other than simply health and fitness training and becoming better at the sports that interest us individually, just as Performing Arts is more than  being involved in the theatre. The new purpose built College presents us with the opportunity to improve and develop our centre of excellence in both these important disciplines in many meaningful ways.

Those that may think of following sport as a career will be able to learn about health and Sports Management. They can gain qualifications in Sports Science, thus empowering them to be valuable assets in a vast and expanding global industry.

Students who enjoy sport for its own sake will find they can involve themselves and take advantage of our excellent facilities which are available to all the College.