Our aim in the Mathematics department is to enable all students to understand, utilise, communicate and appreciate mathematics as a tool in everyday situations in order to become life-long learners and productive, confident members of the community.

There are eight full time members of the maths department. They not only enjoy considerable success with their teaching groups but also enjoy extending the curriculum by investigating mathematics in a variety of contexts. Students in both key stages take part in the UKMT Maths Challenges.

There are extra-curricular revision classes and peer tutorials to assist students to achieve their potential.

Inspire (Years 7-8)

Students follow a thematic curriculum in year seven encouraging them to make links with other subjects and develop independent learning skills. In year eight the curriculum builds on these skills through the study of Number and Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure and Handling data.

Aspire (Year 9)

In year nine students embark on a three-year GCSE course which allows opportunities for in-depth study, problem solving and using and applying maths in everyday situations.

Perform (Year 10-11)

Students will build on the skills acquired in year nine following mathematics programmes of study with greater emphasis on problem-solving, functionality and mathematical thinking. This will prepare them well for the greater focus in examinations on the assessment of applying mathematics and using mathematics to solve problems in real world contexts.

EXAM Board

Edexcel Mathematics A Linear course GCSE