The new Mathematics curriculum encourages students to develop their problem solving skills, mathematical fluency and independent thinking. The new curriculum has two strands. First, there is a renewed focus on the rapid recall and application of mathematical basics such as time tables. Second, there is an increased emphasis on problem solving. Students will need to be able to tackle problems that are not instantly familiar and apply not just mathematical subject knowledge but also skills such as creativity within mathematics. This will require students to develop greater skills of mathematical reasoning rather than subject knowledge alone.

Mathematics at Denton Community College is taught using a mastery approach that emphasises depth of understanding rather than mere repetition. The onus is on the student to understand what they are doing rather than simply doing it. This entails spending a longer time on one topic whilst simultaneously working towards an understanding of the inherent interconnectivity of different branches of mathematics. Within mastery there is a constant drive to ensure stretch and challenge for all students, but particularly the most mathematically able.

Students will be assessed using a new grading system. A*-G has been replaced by a 9 – 1 system. Students will be awarded a grade from 9 -1, with 9 being the highest. Therefore, a student joining the school at National Curriculum level 4 in Year 7 will be a Grade 2 student. Expected progression would look like Grade 4 to 5 in Year 9 with the student targeted GCSE Grade 6 or 7 (previously grade B-A).

Students will be assessed across three exams, two of which are calculator papers. Some topics previously on the higher tier exam papers are now included in the foundation tier and some topics previously on the A level curriculum are now included in the higher tier to further stretch the most able.