If you enjoy learning about how the events of the last 100 years help explain the problems and opportunities of the world today then this GCSE History A: Modern World course is the ideal subject for you.


Gain insight into why important figures in history did what they did, imporve your ability to judge whether you are being told the truth, only part of the truth or something completely untrue and develop valuable skills such as reasoning and debating skills.

You will learn about:

Unit 1:

Why did World War 1 break out?
International rivalry 1900 – 1914
The Peace settlement 1918 – 28
Why did World War Two break out 1929 – 1939

Unit 2:

Germany 1918 – 1939

Unit 3:

War and the transformation of British society 1903 – 1928

Units 1, 2 and 3


There will be a variety of questions in the examination papers. Your teacher can show you some examples to help you practice and succeed.

Examiners want you to do well and will be looking for comments to reward rather than looking to spot mistakes or gaps in your knowledge.

Many of the questions will be like those you have already done in Key Stages 3 and 4.

There will be questions which ask you what you know and have learnt, and other questions which are more about yoru own opinions and letting you give your own explanations and reasons for something that happened in the past

Unit 4:

Controlled assessment

This is task based around an issue in history and will be written up in lesson times. You will carry out some research, analyse an aspect of the crime, policing and punishment in England 1880-1990.