Students get to experience many different fields of Graphic Design including Illustration, Technical Drawing, Product Design and use of all modern day Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) programs.

Starting in Year 7, the students experience a grounding in Graphic Design and build on these skills through Key Stage 3 ready for Progression into GCSE courses.

Examples include:

Aftershave/Perfume Project: Create new fragrance and packaging.
Album Cover Design: Redesign and existing album cover and point of sale display stand.
Pop Up Cards/ Packaging: Create a new cartoon character and create a pop up card, or children’s food packaging.

GCSE Course in Graphic Products is split into 4 smaller projects in Year 10 where they experience an Illustration project for a greetings card, a Technical Drawing project, an Advertising project for a new soft drink and finally a Product Design project designing and making a new Concept Design.

Year 11 is a Major Project running throughout the year where the students specialise in one or more areas of Graphics and produce a product which has been designed from start to finish.

Examples include:

Interior/Architecture Design: Shops, Café, Bars, Restaurants.
Concept Design: Digital Camera, Computer Game Controller, Board Games.
Packaging and Point of Sale Display: Computer Game Branding and Advertising, Rebranding existing products and packaging.