The teaching and learning at Denton Community College is enriched by an extensive programme of extra- curricular activities which add to students’ enjoyment of school by offering a wide range of interests and challenges.

Our extra-curricular programme enables students to participate in a range of competitive and recreational activities. These activities are arranged in such a way as to allow all young people the opportunity to experience every activity available should they wish to do so during their time with us.

In order to enrich experiences, we offer a wide range of short courses and activities with key stakeholders focusing on health and wellbeing to better the life chances of our young people, education and employability skills.

Trips, both at home and abroad, are a regular and exciting part of Denton Community College life. These may relate directly to the curriculum, such as field trips in Geography and Biology; they may extend students’ understanding of the curriculum, such as Modern Languages or they may be extra-curricular such as the regular Physical Activity trips. STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) which is a very popular extension programme to the science curriculum and encompasses work with universities and key businesses.

Our College has an excellent reputation for serving the wider community. Student Ambassadors gladly give their time to help others and to organise fundraising activities for those less fortunate than themselves. The variety of activities in which our students take part range from helping in youth centres, primary schools, churches, local organisations.

Students recognise how lucky they are to enjoy all the advantages of a supportive and inspirational educational environment, with its superb facilities and exceptional range of extra curricular activities; they value the importance of ‘giving back’ through participation in community action programmes, locally and nationally.