Media Studies

The Media Studies course explores various ways to increase student understanding of the media, including TV, film, internet, music, magazines, gaming and news. The subject will enable students to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills when looking at the media and producing media products such as CD covers, film posters and magazines.


Students are given the opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of the role of the media in daily life and to combine practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in completing assignments with various media focuses including the music and film industry, advertising, magazine production, gaming and the news.


Students are allowed to choose the focus of each assignment (for example the music or film genre of their choice) and are given creative freedom in the production tasks. They are encouraged to develop their understanding of the key media concepts and to produce work for each assignment that is original and unique demonstrating creativity and flair.


This subject follows a modular structure with three pieces of coursework and an exam:


Year One

Term 1Media Language & Pre-Production skills Moving Image Essay

Term 2 Unit 2: Assignment 1 (Music Industry) Target Audience

Term 3 Institutions Unit 2: Assignment 2 (Film Promotion)


Year Two

Term 4 Unit 2: Assignment 3 (Magazine Production)

Term 5 Revision of Key Concepts Unit 1 Topic (e.g. 2014 Gaming: Promotion and Marketing of Video Games)

Term 6 Unit 1 Set Brief preparation Unit 1 Exam (e.g. 2014 Gaming: Promotion and Marketing of Video

This qualification prepares students for further study in a range of disciplines at

National Qualifications Framework Level 3 and above.