Resistant Materials

The aim of the faculty is to provide each and every student with the opportunity to develop a knowledge and understanding of a broad range of practical skills and techniques.


In Resistant Materials the students work in metal, plastic, wood and electrical components and circuits. The students design and make their products using the state of the art facilities which include a laser cutter and 3D printer as well as more traditional tools and equipment.


It is a popular subject where students have the opportunity to be CREATIVE and INDEPENDENT. They explore design creativity in their folder work.


Key Stage 3


The students learn valuable hand skills whilst working with a range of workshop tools and machinery, and design and make in a range of materials.

They gain experience of working cooperatively and safely in the workshop environment. Projects are primarily aimed at encouraging students to design and make high quality products with a high standard of finish.


Moving toys, I pad stands, picture frames, pen and pencil holders, toys and wind chimes are examples of products made.


Key Stage 4



In year 10 the students under take a series of projects that include a variety of materials and equipment. This forms the basis of the qualities and skills they need to be successful in their year 11 course work.

In year 11they have free choice to produce one of a range of high quality products which include clocks, rocking chairs, furniture, rocking horses, cupboards, small sheds and benches,


All products made are taken home by the students.