Inspire Curriculum


Students have one hour per week of Geography in years 7 and 8.


In year 7 pupils begin the year by studying a unit called Welcome to Geography, where they learn about the skills of a Geographer and their place in the world. Pupils also study units on Rivers and Hot and Cold Environments .In Year 8, students build on the geographical foundations laid in Year 7. Map Skills form an integral part of the curriculum. Pupils study units on International Development, Weather and Climate and Globalisation.



Aspire Curriculum


In Year 9, students begin with a unit on Our Restless Earth and its Hazards, which focuses on Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Other topics include Population, Migration and Urbanisation and then Coasts and Tourism.


The KS3 topics are taught in preparation for Key Stage 4. Geographical Skills which are required in preparation for GCSE are also embedded throughout the entire KS3 curriculum.



Perform Curriculum


Year 10 GCSE Geography


In Year 10 and 11 students follow the AQA A Specification. This includes;


Physical Geography (Paper 1)  – Restless Earth,  Water on the Land, Coasts

Human Geography (Paper 2) – Population, Changing Urban Environments and Tourism

Controlled Assessment – We will complete a one-day field visit after which students will return to school to write up their findings under controlled conditions.


During the course we believe that where possible, students should experience the geography they are studying so there will be field trip opportunities such as: a river study, visiting Manchester and our urban fringe, and a visit to a tourist honey pot site.