Year 7

In year 7 the Music department follows the thematic curriculum. Through the thematic curriculum students explore composition, performance and listening activities.


Identity – Students compose music to tell the story of Goodnight Mr Tom using classroom instruments and keyboards to create a soundscape using ostinato, melodic motifs and composing techniques for the main characters.


Global dimension and sustainable development – Students study music from the popular music genre. They use their knowledge and skills to develop keyboard and group performance skills with a performance of a well-known pop song.


Healthy lifestyles – Students compose using the MAC suite a piece of music based on the artwork The Scream. Students learn to layer music using composing techniques such as cluster chords and chromatic patterns.


Community Participation – Students perform as an ensemble and compose Samba music to perform to the new students on their induction days.


Year 8

Year 8 students also develop skills in performing, composing and listening through a thematic curriculum.


Creativity and critical thinking – Students look at the Blues and Jazz. Students perform a blues piece on keyboards using a bass line and chords/melody.


Film and Technology – Students compose on the MAC suites a trailer for a film using a variety of composing techniques.


Enterprise – Students perform and learn ensemble techniques developing further Samba skills.


Waltz – Students will compose a piece of music in the style of a waltz using features of the dance.


Year 9

Salsa music – Students will perform and compose pieces of Salsa music on keyboards and MAC computers.


Film music – Students will perform a keyboard piece based on Film themes and compose the music for a short section of a film.


Dance music – Students learn about the history of Popular music and compose a club dance song.


Song – Students will compose a song using chords, the 4 chord trick and perform in groups popular songs that use the 4 chord trick or chords.


My instrument – Students will perform a piece of their choice on their instrument and compose a piece of music in the style of the performance piece.




Year 10/11


Years 10 and 11 follow the GCSE AQA music course.


The course is split into 4 units.


Unit 1 - Listening exam – Students listen to music from 3 areas of study – worth 20%.


The listening exam covers 5 areas of study – Rhythm and Metre, Tonality and Harmony, Texture and Melody, Timbre and Dynamics, Structure and form – and 3 strands – Western Classical tradition, Popular music of the 20th and 21st Centuries, World music.


Unit 2 - Composing and Appraising – Students will compose a piece of music in a given genre and then complete an appraisal of the processes in 20 hours – worth 20%.


Unit 3 – Performing – Students will perform 2 pieces. A solo piece and an ensemble or group piece – worth 40%.


Unit 4 – Composing – Students will compose a piece of music of their own choice linking to 2 of the Areas of study in 25 hours – worth 20% .