Physical Education & Sport

Our aim in the Physical Education department is to enable all students to develop their understanding and appreciation of physical activity and the importance of healthy and active lifestyles. Students are given the opportunity to improve their practical, leadership and officiating skills in various sporting activities in order to enable them to become life-long learners and productive, confident members of the community.


There are regular extra-curricular activities on offer after to school to allow all students to experience a broad range of sports and physical activities. The department also compete in various Tameside cup and national competitions in a variety of sports.


Inspire & Aspire (Years 7-9)


Students follow a varied curriculum encouraging them to develop their practical ability, theoretical understanding and leadership qualities in a range of sporting and physical activities including fitness, volleyball, basketball, football, athletics, rounders, table tennis, softball and cricket. All the activities in the Key Stage 3 curriculum are underpinned by the components of skill and health related fitness needed for each activity. Students are assessed on their practical and theoretical knowledge, understanding and ability for each physical activity and are encouraged to actively peer and self assess in order to further progress.


Perform (Year 10-11)


Students who choose PE as an option will follow the WJEC GCSE course. They build on the skills, knowledge and understanding developed at Key Stage 3 and will work on practical and theoretical aspects of sport including fitness and training, leadership and officiating, sports performance. The final assessment is based on their performance/officiating/leadership in 4 sporting areas (60%) and a written exam focusing on the theoretical aspects of the course (40%). During core PE lessons, students are given the opportunity to choose a sporting pathway and work as a performer, leader or official in their chosen sport. Students are also given time to work towards the Sports Leaders level 1 award.


Enrichment Weeks


The PE curriculum allows students to focus on an individual activity for 10-12 lessons (5-6 weeks). At the end of each block of work, a departmental enrichment week takes place to give students the opportunity to take part in activities outside the set curriculum including trampolining, first aid, OAA, world sport and gymnastics.


Exam Board


WJEC linear GCSE Physical Education approved.




James Day, Steven Tootill, Matthew Walker, Jack Schollar, Hayley Duffy, Katie Taylor, Rachel Whitehead, Sam Jones.