Learning Enrichment Partnership


Denton Community College - LEP


The Learning Enrichment Partnership (LEP) is designed to provide an outstanding learning experience tailored to the needs of our Primary schools. Support and guidance is given through a sporting and cross curricular context. All the specific areas of the partnership can be bespoken to the needs of the school and its students.



Continued Professional Development

Sporting festivals for partner Primary Schools

PE and cross curricular learning days at Denton Community College

Development of leadership pathways

Healthy lifestyles engagement for specific groups


For more information please contact Jack Schollar at Denton Community College, Lead Teacher of the Learning Enrichment Partnership.



Ready Salted



Ready Salted At Denton Community College we run our success Gifted and Talented programme. 9 partner primary schools and 90 students took part in the 'Ready Salted Days' (Science and Maths). The day consists of working in the fitness suite and science laboratories looking at salt content and calories in various brands of crisps. In science, students explored the refining of 300 million year old rock salt using dissolving, filtration and evaporation techniques. In Maths, the students work in the fitness suite to burn off calories from different packets of crisps. All the students enjoy the gifted and talented days and can't wait for their next event at Denton Community College.