An Overview

The Denton Community College Curriculum is designed to offer each student the opportunity to fulfil their potential through a wide range of onsite non-vocational and vocational qualifications. Our curriculum structure works through a one-week timetable where every day has 5 lessons of 60mins each plus a Personal Development Coaching session at the start of the day. Within this schedule we aim to provide a broad, balanced, coherent and challenging curriculum for all, which enables each student to enjoy learning and achieve success in school.

Some students may embark on GCSE programmes during year 9 and all have the chance to complete at least 1 BTEC National Certificate (equivalent to 2 GCSEs at grades A*-C) by the end of the year.

For Years 10 and 11, students can opt to study a full range of GCSEs or combine their core GCSEs with other qualifications in more applied or vocational subjects. Our curriculum at this key stage is aimed at securing the best possible opportunities for students post-16 and we offer a comprehensive package of Careers guidance and support to underpin this.

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Curriculum year 7 (Inspire)

The Thematic curriculum is undertaken by the majority of our students in year 7 (See Year 7 Thematic Curriculum in Curriculum Section)

During Year 6 we identify a small cohort of students to join our ‘Accelerated Learning Group’ in Year 7. These students will be taught by fewer teachers and receive extra literacy, numeracy and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) lessons. All parents will receive a Curriculum booklet outlining further details of the courses with ideas on ways to help their child.

Curriculum Year  (Inspire)

In Year 8 students will follow a common curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Religious Studies, Physical Education and French. Some students can study a second language in Year 8 leading to the potential for 2 languages GCSEs in Years 10 and 11.

Curriculum Year 9  (Aspire)

Students study English, Mathematics, Science and ICT alongside the other KS3 course in the Foundation Subjects.  BTEC National Certificate courses are also run in the specialisms of Performing Arts and PE. ALL students receive external accreditation in their choice of specialism at the end of year 9. Two fast track Modern Foreign Language groups are entered for GCSE at the end of year 9.  All other students are entered for the FCSE ( Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education) qualification at can achieve pass, merit or distinction level. Courses in PHSE and Religious Education are also followed.

Curriculum Year 10/11 (Perform)

A number of option choices are available alongside the core Curriculum subjects. Facilities are available to study specialist subjects. It is possible to follow up to nine subjects at GCSE or equivalent (eg BTEC,) examination level. External examinations and assessed pieces of work take place at a range of times. This depends on the courses undertaken and the assessment opportunities that we consider appropriate to the pupil. Some students will have already achieved a GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language and most will have passed a BTEC in their chosen specialism before they embark upon the course in year 10

For full Curriculum information, please see our ‘Subjects’ section on the home page.