Computing & Digital iMedia

Why study Computing?

Technology is now a major part of everybody’s life and businesses are increasingly looking for people with computing skills. Our Computing & Digital Media courses ensure students have the right skills desired by businesses and are also equipped to deal with the increasing reliance on technology in everyday society.

What’s on the course?

We currently offer a range of courses to ensure students are able to achieve to the best of their abilities. We offer Cambridge Nationals in ICT, GCSE Computer Science course and an exciting Digital iMedia course.

The department prides itself on using a wide range of stimulating approaches to teaching at all levels. Opportunities are presented to students to use the wide range and facilities and equipment available in the College.


Our Cambridge Nationals course covers all the main aspects of ICT over the two year course. The main aspects covered include video and sound editing, Multimedia presentation creation and computer safety.

Computer Science involves students exploring the world of ‘app’ creation and game design. It teaches the students the core principles of programming and applies their mathematical skills.

Digital iMedia takes advantage of the ‘new’ technologies around us. Find out how to use Photoshop to get the image that you want, digitally create and edit movies and also create flash animations just like the TV professionals!

Students are actively encouraged to enter nationwide competitions such as Go Animate to further develop their computing skills. Trips are also used to allow students to see Computing & Digital iMedia in action.

Mr C Peters
Mr G Howard
Mr S Berne
Mr C Everitt