Celebrating National Poetry Day at DCC


Celebrating National Poetry Day at DCC


This year, the theme for National Poetry Day is ‘Vision – See it like a Poet’. Students have been thinking about what this might mean to them, asking questions about how they view the world, something we are probably all doing during this strange and difficult year.


Throughout this week students have been engaging with a variety of poetry, from poems based on Greek Mythology to poems about relationships, to those written most recently which address the current issues that parts of the world are facing. Some of these poems touch on racial inequality, the coronavirus pandemic, mental health, identity and other important and relevant topics, helping our students engage with the wider world through their own writing and the work of others.


As well as studying and writing, there has also been a focus on reading poetry aloud, which in many cases is how it’s meant to be experienced. To support this, a number of staff have recorded readings of their favourite poems which the students have been listening to during form times, lessons, and school movement periods. In this way we are continuing to promote poetry as a creative outlet that can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.


Feel free to listen for yourselves below and see if you can tell who is who!



(Thanks so much to our readers – Mrs Altimeemy, Mr Burgess, Miss Carter, Mr Cumming, Mr Day, Mrs Graham, Miss Hadgraft, Mr Haslam, Mr Lewis, Mrs Mallard, Mrs Marshall, Mr Nixon, Mrs Rowley, Mrs Stevenson)