Debate Mate Success

After completing two regional rounds, Denton Community College ranked fourth in the entire country and were invited to the Debate Mate grand final in London where they debated against the top 8 teams nationally. The day consisted of three rounds of debates and all students performed exceptionally well with Autumn in year 10 winning best floor speech of the day. 

Brave Teacher’s Marathon

I’m running the London Marathon on April 22nd to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. For me this is going to be a huge challenge as I was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2011 where my heart can and did just stop beating. This has led to 15 surgeries and a total of 372 days in spent hospital. Without the British Heart Foundations research I would quite simply not be alive as their funding and research have led to procedures I have directly benefitted from. When I was diagnosed with my condition in 2011 I was told that I would never finish my degree, I would never work full time and that I would never be able to run again. Thankfully for me treatment has improved, research continues daily to allow people to live longer and I’ve never been one for using the word never. As a full time teacher at DCC I have already proven two of their initial statements wrong and the marathon will be me proving the third and final one wrong also, its just taken a while longer. For me though its also proof that nothing is impossible and that sometimes if we work hard and commit ourselves to our goals we can achieve them. This is something I love to instil in the students I teach but is something I hope the whole school body will catch a part of as they hear about my achievements.
I am continually blown away by the support I receive both from staff and students at DCC. My classes in particular have been unbelievably supportive as they have been hearing about this marathon, and the training for it, for over of 4 months now. They will probably be as relieved when its over as I am! They are however excited about the potential of seeing me on the TV – I promise to give DCC a shout out should I get myself interviewed!
If you would like to read more about my story and more specifically why I’m running for the BHF please do visit my just giving page at

Brave the Shave

I am shaving my hair off for Mind – the mental health charity – to raise awareness of mental health issues and run a campaign to support these issues for the students in school. I have created an honesty box where students can put anonymous messages about what they fear the most and their inner struggles.
I will be putting on breakfast clubs to address the common themes that arise each week from the honesty box.
This is also setting an example for students to not define themselves by appearance or experience, and to focus on inner beauty.
The support so far has been phenomenal and I am extremely grateful that both students and staff are completely on board here at Denton Community College

Story on my page: 

Mental health is still a taboo. Childhood trauma is still a taboo. Sexual abuse is still a taboo. I think it is imperative that we break this silence. Nobody should feel defined by negative or difficult experiences, and nobody should feel defined by their appearance. Being open and being able to speak out can help to clear some of that fog. A charity like mind can give people this chance.

Therefore I am shaving allll my hair off to raise money for mind, as it supports survivors of all sorts, as well as those struggling with mental health in general.

I want to increase awareness around these issues. The social constructs of ‘normality’ can cause people to feel outcasted; they can cause people to remain silenced; I dream of a world where this is no longer a barrier to freedom and I wish everyone to be who they want to be without the fear of judgement or rejection.

I will also be running a mini campaign in the secondary school I work at about ‘image’, the importance of fighting stereotypes and the importance of focusing on inner beauty rather than appearance and experience.

I encourage you to share your story with others, starting with those close to you, whether it be one of celebration or one of suffering, to keep discussions about mental health forever open and forever flowing…

❤Break ❤the ❤Silence❤

I will also be donating the hair towards a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. 

Mission Christmas Appeal 2017

This year Denton Community College are getting involved in the Mission Christmas Appeal. There are 4 million children who live in poverty across the UK. For these families Christmas is a luxury and they can’t afford it. If we can buy just one extra present that we can give to a disadvantaged local child in Manchester to make their Christmas morning special.

Our school is an official drop off point for Mission Christmas. presents can be handed into reception from now until the final day on the 14th December. Thanks for all your help.

Thank you

West Side Story Production this week!

This week, Denton Community College is proud to be presenting West Side Story!

Our talented Students and Staff have been working hard for months and are excited to be performing it for the Parents, Carers and wider community this week.

Please be aware that before and after the show, the school site will be busy with people and vehicles, and we thank you for your understanding, patience and support!

Denton Community College Performing Arts Team

Coping with Fears and Anxieties

Tameside ACE are hosting a FREE Halloween-themed enrichment session on ‘Coping with Fears and Anxieties’ this Friday 27thOctober 2017 at 12:15pm. This one hour session will be delivered by Healthy Minds at:

If you or any of your customers would like more information or to book a place, please call 0161 342 4063.