Business Education

Business Education at KS4

Thinking about taking business studies? Would you like to….

  • To be your own boss running your own business?
  • To understand just what goes on in the world of work?
  • To know what businesses look for when they recruit staff?
  • To see how a business gets its money to operate?
  • To know why so many adverts are aimed at teenagers?
  • To understand why the same big businesses operate around the world?

Course Detail:
OCR GCSE (9–1) Business is the course to take if you want the answers to these and many other questions. When you leave school, you may be working for a business or other organisation. After studying Business you will have an insight into just how businesses operate, including how to set up a business of your own.

So why should you not be the next Richard Branson or Kirsty Henshaw?

Why Choose OCR GCSE (9-1) Business?

  • Relevant And Contemporary – The GCSE (9-1) Business uses a variety of real business contexts to consider issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs and commercial organisations.
  • Skills For A Modern World – Students have the opportunity to develop as enterprising individuals with a practical set of key skills, including problem solving and decision-making, interpreting and analysing data, and more.
  • Opportunities For Progression – This qualification offers an ideal foundation to gain insight into future career paths in business. It can provide a useful stepping stone to many further education qualifications including A Level Business.

What You Will Study In OCR GCSE (9–1) Business?

  • Business structures, including the different ways to set up a business.
  • Finance, including how businesses get the money to set up and operate and how they make a profit.
  • Marketing, including advertising, development of products, setting the best price.
  • Recruitment, including how businesses get the right staff and keep them working well.
  • Business operations, including how businesses produce the things we buy.
  • Influences on businesses, including the environment and how many businesses are operating around the world.

How You Will Be Assessed?

Two exams at the end of the course, each 90 minutes long.  There is no controlled assessment or coursework.  Some questions will be multiple choice, some will be extended writing to test your ability to explain why you made a particular decision.


OCR’s GCSE (9–1) In Business (J204) Content and Assessment

Students take both components, 01 and 02, to be awarded the OCR GCSE (9–1) in Business.

Business Paper 1: 80 Marks. 1 Hour 30 minutes paper. 50% of total GCSE.

Content Overview

Business activity

  • business enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • business planning
  • business ownership
  • business aims and objectives
  • stakeholders in business
  • business growth


  • role of marketing
  • market research
  • market segmentation
  • marketing mix


  • role of HR
  • organisational structures
  • communication in business
  • recruitment and selection
  • motivation and retention
  • training and development
  • employment law

Business Paper 2: 80 Marks. 1 Hour 30 Minutes paper. 50% of total GCSE.

Content Overview


  • production processes
  • quality of goods and services
  • sales process and customer service
  • consumer law
  • business location
  • working with suppliers


  • role of the finance function
  • sources of finance
  • revenue, costs, profit and loss
  • break even
  • cash and cash flow

Influences on business

  • ethical and environmental considerations
  • economic climate
  • globalisation

The interdependent nature of business


Head of Subject: Mr Mackreth

Subject Staff: Mrs Stoba / Mr Cummings